As a renowned petroleum product testing lab in UAE, at Global Spec Marine, we value perfection and client satisfaction the most. Beyond testing, inspecting, and certifying petroleum products, we take the quality of our services quite seriously. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise, we ensure our services are innovative and bespoke.

In addition, our technicians bring with them invaluable experience in the local and international market. Hence, they don’t hesitate when it comes to supporting clients who require third-party assistance from the petroleum products testing lab in Dubai or can help you improve your in-house quality control requirements while you handle tasks that are more important for your business.

Here’s how we can add a competitive edge to your business:

  • Trusted testing and certification for quick regulatory approval
  • Total quality assurance across your supply chain
  • Reduced costs and minimized health, safety, and security risks
  • Rapid and efficient entry into the market
  • Innovative leadership in meeting social accountability standards

And here’s what makes us different from our competitors:

We take pride in offering top-notch services for the petroleum industry, complete with fast turnaround times and 24/7 technical customer support.
A team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are trained to the highest standards in their fields to assist you with your business needs.
Our laboratories feature a wide array of medical equipment that is used alongside the latest methodologies and technology to generate the most accurate and reliable results.



In a competitive market, where consumers are increasingly concerned about quality and sustainability, quality assurance and compliance solutions are crucial for faster time to the market and business success. Through our testing services, we evaluate your goods and determine if they comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, alongside identifying how your products will fare against your competitor’s products. But that isn’t all. We take our testing services a bit further by creating a unique testing program for your products that offer you the ability to manage risk better and protect your brand.

Here’s a bunch of products we test at our well-equipped laboratories:

  • Crude and Petroleum Products
  • Petrochemicals and Chemicals
  • Lubricating Oil and Used Lube Oil
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas/ Liquified Natural Gas

The ever-expanding array of fuel products demands a top-notch petroleum products lab in Dubai featuring the latest equipment and experts with a good understanding of market requirements and industry specifications. That’s exactly what we offer at Global Spec Marine. Leveraging our network of testing facilities, we validate the specifications, value, and safety of your raw materials, products, and assets.

Here’s what we can inspect and approve:

  • Petroleum, Crude Oil, and Petrochemicals
  • LPG/LNG and Petroleum Products
  • Loading, Discharging, or Ship to Ship Transfer
    Bunker, Draft, and Volume Survey
  • Pipeline Transfer, Loss Control, Spot Transfer
    Cargo Inspection & Blending

With the market growing and expanding, the demand for safe, reliable, and eco-conscious products is rising. For this reason, certifications are vital to prove your credibility to the customers.
At Global Spec Marine, we bring local and international proficiency to formally confirm your petroleum products meet both external and internal safety, compliance, and quality standards. Our certification programs will help you seamlessly enter global markets, put yourself in front of your customers as an eco-friendly, and showcase your product’s safety and performance to your customers. Rest assured, you can be sure our expertise in regulatory standards and certifications will help you stay ahead of the competition and stay efficient, cost-effective, and meet the best industry standards.


Petroleum Testing Process

We offer a systemic approach to petroleum testing that involves quality analysis of petroleum products during various stages of the production processes—upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Upstream refers to the exploration and production phase when potential crude oil and natural gas fields are identified, exploratory wells are dug, and natural gas and crude oil and brought to the surface.

Midstream processes include transporting, storing, and wholesale marketing crude or refined petroleum products. Lastly, downstream processes involve refining petroleum crude oil, processing, and purifying raw natural gas.

Certain elements are added to the fuels to prevent delivery system problems by stabilizing gasoline, boosting octane, lubricating the upper cylinder, preventing fuel line freezing, and cleaning fuel injections. Benzene and toluene are two such additives. ASTM 3606 helps identify such additives, specifically 0.1 to 5% toluene and between 2 to 20% benzene.

Inorganic contaminants taint refined fuels are pose a significant threat to their quality as they can corrode the equipment and interfere with the catalysts used in the refining process. While analyzing trace levels of halogens and sulfur is challenging, combustion IC helps measure them accurately. In addition, ICP-OES can be leveraged to periodically analyze trace metals.

Machinaries Used In Petroleum Testing


At Global Spec Marine, we use the most advanced and efficient machinery to offer our clients the most accurate results. After all, there is a reason why we are called the best petroleum products lab in UAE.

Our petroleum products lab in Fujairah features instruments ranging from flash point testers to distillation equipment, oxidation stability analyzers, vapor pressure analyzers, trace metal analyzers, water content, viscometers, rheometers, octane number analyzers, density meters, and more. Using our equipment, we perform numerous testing, including ASTM ISO protocols, for petroleum testing.

In addition, we use combustion analyzers, elemental analyzers, sulfite analyzers, and mass spectrometers to test and analyze the chemical composition of petroleum products.

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